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02 January 2010



p.s. I am so entirely impressed with your food evolution. I think I've developed a dairy allergy (not GI problems, but congested/clogged feeling), so I've been mostly dairy-free and fiddling w/ foods that are new to us. Must feel awesome to have gone raw.


Yup, we used to have the parties in the bathroom too. Now there are high-pitched squawks and deep booming rumbles if anyone so much as lays a finger on the bathroom doorknob while the door is closed.


No headphoned teenager? Just you wait, my friend. Just you wait. ;-)


OMG - um, yeah, been there done that. Gonna have to tell you the one about "JEREMEAT" (that is what my 2nd SS used to call me) - "there's a PIDER on my PEE PEE - Come SEEEEEE"!!!

Love it!!!

And, absolutely LOVE the new look to the blog! YIPPEE!!!

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