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06 January 2010



Shawna - I'll have to try the kale in mine. I stick to greens that don't overpower the smoothie...even though they end up looking like swamp juice unless I use some deep colored berries!
Biz - you're there now, and we're doing this 11 week initiative together - yay!


Me n' Paul have been doing green smoothies for months now! I looooooove them!! I've used kale in mine and I like it's fresh taste, but Paul isn't as crazy about it. I just had banana, frozen mango, and pineapple with baby spinach. I throw in a little flax oil (good for you!) and whey protein powder. Delish!


I thought you were NUTS to put that yuck into a perfectly good smoothie! Then I learned. Patience, grasshopper....


GEESH! I am still waiting for approval on that site! Talk about impatience!

Oh yeah, I remember fondly the whole frozen spinach debacle! HA!

Who loves you baby???

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