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21 January 2010



Um...hello Neighbor...can I meet Auntie Phyo???
THIS LOOKS delicious and the fact that it is healthy is an oxymoron (healthy & looks bad for you) I am willing to enjoy!

~ Hugs



Ani Phyo commented on my blog!  OMG!  I am such a goober, but I'm running with it.  I feel like a star struck celebrity lover!  Oh now I have to get back into the kitchen and make more of her awesome recipes.  And she's got a new book coming out?  This is so exciting!  I can't wait to tell my mom - she's fallen in love with Ani too now that I've introduced her to the amazing world of raw foods.  In fact, Ani's 'Desserts' book never made it home after I lent it to her.  I bought myself a new one.  :)


ani phyo

thanks for the sweet comments. and for enjoying my books! your new combo looks delish. i have another book, Ani's Raw Food Essentials, coming out april 1st with over 250 recipes. my first hard cover too! :)


Thanks for stopping by my blog :-). Those bars look delish!

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