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16 May 2010



Frozen PB2 Ice Cream Treat (no bake)

8 small: Graham Crackers
2 1/2 Cups: Vanilla Ice Cream
6 Tbsp: PB2
16 Tbsp: Reddi wip fat-free whipped topping

Line bread loaf pan with plastic wrap. Crush graham crackers and spread evenly in bottom of pan (may use 1/2 on bottom and use other 1/2 to dust top). Place ice cream in mixing bowl, let ice cream warm up a little to help in mixing. Using an electric mixer, mix in PB2 until mixed thoroughly, pour mixture over the graham crackers, smoothing mixture evenly. Freeze until solid, lift out of pan and cut into 4 pieces. Top with up to 4 Tablespoons of whipped topping, if desired.

Weight Watchers Points: 3.
Servings: 4.
To make this Weight Watchers-friendly, use reduced-fat graham crackers and Breyer's Double Churn - No Sugar Added Ice Cream. Eliminating whipped topping doesn't reduce points value.
Cal: 170, Fat: 7.6 and Fiber: 5.5.

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